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Hi everyone welcome to my blogg .... I very blunt never know what you might hear I love fashion music art and self expression i make the rules i break them i own them some say I'm weird cooky eccentric or crazy i say if i was any less of any of those thing i wouldn't be me

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mohawk in Motion

Heyy everyone I figured this wud be a great day to blog since on home doing absolutlyy nothing :) lets see where do I start?? Well the title here is Mohawk in motion which is pretty much my hair! I just recently did a "big chop" . hmmm i love it! Im a very very spur of the moment spontaneous do things at impulse kind of gal .. but what can i say thats me none the less i actually decided to cut my hair about an hour before it happened at first i was excited then worried ... then excited then it was gone and i had no choice but to embrace it right?.. haha def not!! ive always been a little self conscious so having no hair cause me to think o f so many bad thinglike.. was i gonna be less attractive to my potential partner wud my friends like it will i like it will it be to crazy to be formal (since it is a Mohawk). then i thought (and this took time) I love my self and my hair is just hair it comes it goes but i'm still me and i will always be me .... it made me think of my grandma when she had cancer and all her hair fell out and she cryed to me for weeks about it!! i told her that if it made her feel special and less alone and sad about it id cut mine to! she said no because she is soooo stubborn but to me it was just love for her and hair ment nothing....so now when i think of how other girls have pretty long hair and locks down to their ankles look deeper and say Jasmine your awesome and with any length of hair im beautiful :)